Cab Ride -Norway – Trondheim – Bodø (Winter) Nordland Line

Cab Ride Norway - Trondheim - Bodø (Winter) Nordland Line

Cab Ride Norway - Trondheim - Bodø


Did you know the driver falls off the train at that first bridge when he was wiping the camera lens? The train’s on auto pilot, I’m afraid, but red lights just don’t bother the auto pilot. Come car on the line, or moose, it’s getting 300 tons of metal up it’s bum if it don’t watch out, eh? They’re hoping to helicopter in a new driver but if you fancy a new job on that train and you can find the brakes, the job’s all yours!!

If the train goes through the terminus at the end and just don’t stop you’ll have failed the job interview. Good luck & can’t wait to see you at the end of the line if you slow down long enough to wave!!



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